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Making Of Wayward Souls


Wayward Souls is a slick dungeon crawling roguelike. Here’s how it was made –



Making Of FTL


One of Kickstarter’s first big success stories, FTL’s creation was a fascinating process.


Making Of Out There


I wrote this ‘making of’ for Out There, which is basically a pacifist’s FTL. It’s as cool as it sounds –


Making of Tearaway

Did you know Tearaway started life as an isometric dungeon crawler? 

Unfolding Narrative: The Making Of Tearaway: http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/Tearaway/feature.asp?c=57875

Lightning Returns: it’s about time

I explore Lightning Returns’ time mechanic.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns review

VideoGamer Lightning Returns review

Some things I’m proud of this year – because everyone else is doing it.

Well, this year has been a bit mad. Loved ones have been lost, a house has been rented, and grey hairs have begun to sprout from my ear. I pull those fuckers out as soon as they appear. That rhymed. Oh well.

What started as writing for fun in September 2012 has escalated rather rapidly, and I’ve been lucky enough to write for some of my favourite videogame publications. I even made my print debut, writing a whole 150-word review of Gunpoint for T3 magazine. Here’s the link: (don’t be fucking silly, it’s immortalised on a dead tree).

I’ve also done quite a bit of writing for VideoGamer.com, which has been a site I’ve enjoyed visiting for a while now. I can link you to the longer, 750-word review of Gunpoint I did for them:


Another piece I wrote for VideoGamer, which I’m proud of, is this article about working in quality assurance:


There’s also a follow-up article at the bottom of that one, written by Steve Burns, that really compliments my piece. Give it a read!

I started writing for Pocket Gamer.biz this year, also – contributing a fortnightly ‘making of’ article. The two I’m particularly fond of are for Rymdkapsel:


Which I also reviewed for VideoGamer:


And Home Horror, on iOS:


The icing on the top of this geeky cake, was my debut for Eurogamer. I’ve read Eurogamer for years, and some of its contributors have been huge inspirations for me: Chris Donlan, Rich Stanton, Chris Schilling and Simon Parkin. Here’s the article anyway:


It’s about a voice actor called Yuri Lowenthal – a man every player has killed a digital version of, at some point. The Daily Mirror even put the piece on their site, which is quite the compliment, I suppose.

I would like to thank everyone who’s made my journey so far possible. All the brilliant industry folk who have given me advice and even put up with my shitty Twitter persona. And thanks to my editors for making my writing readable. I hope to work with you all again next year.

Much love,


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