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The Cave – Review

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Ron Gilbert, of Monkey Island fame, has been harbouring an idea for decades. Initially it was this concept: A cave that pulls people into the recesses of their mind, where the dark thoughts reside.

The idea stayed with him while other projects took precedent for almost twenty years, until the recent collaboration with Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions finally took the concept and made it a reality.

Frontal lobe

The Cave is a story of seven stereotypes (or eight if you count the synchronised twins as separate entities) and their journey into the depths of depravity. It is their journey into the self-aware cave that sets the tone for your spelunking adventures, and each is unique and has its own theme.

Each theme has its own personality, and personality is something both Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer are renowned for. This shines the most when your narrator, the sentient cave, is layering the action with witty observations.

Of the seven available characters, you can only take three into the fold on a single playthrough, meaning if you want to see all that The Cave has to offer, you will have to play through the game three times.

The reason stated for this odd number, was that players may like to keep a single character for each playthrough, one that resonates the most with them. Whilst the reasoning is sound, it means you will have to do two character-specific sections twice. With this being a puzzle game at heart, there really is no motivation to replay sections when you know the solution.

Read on at: http://thisismyjoystick.com/review/the-cave/


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