Right in your eyeballs

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Review


There you are, speeding through the city of Fairhaven, taking corners sideways to the sound of screeching rubber and Dubstep; red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You pull your handbrake, taking a sharp right turn onto a dirt-track, leaving a trail of dust in your wake. So you push the car to its limits, with the police still hot on your tail, and head towards a natural ramp in the track.

Everything is already a blur, but you need more speed, so you hit the Nitrous Oxide. The sudden burst of acceleration pins you to the back of your seat as you hit the ramp; you take flight and smash through the billboard, containing your friend’s smug face. Sparks fly as you land and when you look back you see the police cruisers upturned on the concrete.

To your right is a repair station, so you swing your back end around and cruise through it; changing your car from electric-blue to a chrome-like silver, and evading the police in the process. Race finished. Yet you still aren’t top of your friends list, you missed out by milliseconds, which is ironic really, because you have been doing the same race for three hours and not realised.


Please read on at Gamegrin.  http://www.gamegrin.com/game/review/ps3/need-for-speed-most-wanted-2012-ps3-review

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