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Hitman: Absolution – Review


Hitman: Absolution Review

Kirk Mckeand aims his sights on Hitman: Absolution in this review.

by Gameranx Staff on 18th Nov, 2012

Review Hitman Absolution

“BAAARP!” It’s official! Agent 47 is back, with the shiniest head in gaming. “BAAARP!” You had better get used to that sound, because you will be hearing it a lot in Hitman: Absolution; a big, base-like distortion, no doubt influenced by the rise of Dubstep and Christopher Nolan film trailers. Everything mildly dramatic that happens in the game is accompanied by a fog-horn like ”BAAAARP!”, the title screen “BAAARP!”, finished a mission? “BAAARP!”. Dramatic!

This is born of the games new focus on gritty, hyper-realism, although there are moments where the game still has its trademark humour. During the tutorial you overhear a sentry, who is on the phone to his doctor discussing the fact that he has been cleared for prostate cancer. He is overjoyed and clearly in good spirits, that is until a certain bald killing-machine grabs him by the scruff of his neck and pulls him through the window, dashing his head on the rocks below. Moments like this are laugh-out-loud funny and the NPC dialogue is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

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