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Tokyo Jungle Review: Kirk Mckeand

Tokyo Jungle Review: Kirk Mckeand.

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You have seen apocalyptic wastelands before, but i can guarantee you have never seen one quite like this. In my time with the game I witnessed: cats sporting builders hats and hanging around in gangs, gangs of dogs; their leader kitted out in what looks like something a chinese emperor would wear, and to top it off with a bit of background detail, a giant fish slapped up against the side of a building. There is no mistaking the game is Japanese, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the concept was pitched, you just don’t get games like this anymore, which for me makes it even more appealing and I found it the perfect antidote for genre fatigue. It is essentially a side-scroller but you can move up and down the screen as well, you can move into other sections by moving through funnels on the vertical plane, and the game also uses its verticality nicely to get access to rooftops and the like.

The humans have all gone and the streets of Tokyo are now a proving ground for various animal factions, even extinct ones. You play the game as various animals, but at the start you have a choice of 2: a Pomeranian dog who looks like butter wouldn’t melt but can drop a sheep in one lunge, or a Sika deer whose only advantage is its speed. These 2 animals might not sound very exciting to play as, but they are both actually quite fun, and if you stick at it you will eventually unlock much more formidable mammals.

Please read on at gamingbolt.com : http://gamingbolt.com/115012


One response

  1. Kai

    Cats with builder hats? Sold!

    October 6, 2012 at 1:17 pm

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